Ad Booking & Management System

Welcome to Magnate

Magnate is a web application designed by publishers for publishers.

Magnate manages your advertisement bookings, client relationships and distribution.

Featuring a range of functions, and leveraging the power and flexibility of the web (and Web 2.0 technologies), Magnate is the ideal solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

Very functional and easy to use.


No upfront fees or long term contracts - just a small monthly fee! Create multiple bookings in one go You control all data - no hidden costs Fully configurable Have as many publications as you need Ensure sales people provide correct information Improve accuracy of advert bookings by all sales staff Keep sales team 100% honest Audit trail to see who booked an advert, when, what size, and who made changes Email a client an invoice from your mobile phone Automatic email of booking confirmations (as PDF) Online ad proofing (including online client approval) Prevent double bookings Instantly report sales staff sales per issue Instant report for total issue sales by sections you choose Create reminders (action tasks for sale people to contact clients) Option to export financial information to external system Accessible to authorised users only

Why use Magnate?

Utilising developer's years of experience in the publication industry, Magnate's specifications cover most needs of small to medium sized publication businesses.
  • Its solid structure assists with creating a smooth workflow and clear business procedures.
  • Accessible over the internet, staff can access it at any time, in or out of the office.
  • Its simple and clean layout is easy to use and requires little training.
  • No need for special software or installation.